Harry Loft

Lieutenant Harry Loft Of Louth 64th Regiment Of Foot (2nd Staffordshire)

by Martin Loft

John Henry Capel Loft, Harry to his friends, came from a military background and enjoyed his family life in Louth and the villages in the district before following his father and his grandfather into the British Army, in Harry’s case the 64th Regiment of Foot, the Second Staffordshire.

Less than four years later, on the day before his 20th birthday, he died at sea on his journey home from India. These four years with the Army were spent in Ireland, during the Famine, and in India. Throughout this time he continually exchanged letters with his mother, Margaret Loft. Much of this book is a compilation of these letters, which show the life of a young officer in the British Empire of the 1840s, as well as giving glimpses of the social life of a Lincolnshire market town.

245 x 170mm Paperback 160 pages

Price(GBP): £10.00

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