Golden Wedding

Martin & Valerie, laughing at speechNathaniel & Reuben (grandsons)GlassesCakeCakeYo (Daughter-in-law)
Lucy (Great niece)Jill, Geoff (Liverpool friends of Valerie) and MartinJohn (Fillongley friend) and martinEllen and Matthew (Grandchildren)Pat and Valerie (friends since Liverpool)Richard (husband of Fillongley friend Pauline)
Pauline (friend from Fillongley)John (husband of Fillongley friend Jill)Martin's carvingBouquetValerieJames (nephew)
Looking at the albumsMichael (great-great-nephew)Stuart (great-niece's husband)Cake flowersMaurice (Totley friend)Margery (Totley friend)

Golden Wedding, a set on Flickr.